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Latest updates

Version 7 (Released 25th September 2008)


The major enhancements in this version are the extension of the

main tables to two digit codes (increasing the cost centre capacity to

over six million), the inclusion throughout APACE of an electronic,

searchable, Help manual, the provision of user-definable listing options

and a major extension of the log/message handling facility.

Details of the changes have been circulated along with the

release/upgrade CDs to all existing clients.




For clients who have upgraded to version 7, the following latest

versions of the programs should be copied into the C:\APACE directory

overwriting the previous version.


Latest Upgrades to the current release


APACE (V7.1.12)


Corrects customised planning model report & updates copyright screen. When upgrading to version 7.1.12 you will also need to download the updated reports.mdb below.




When upgrading to version 7.1.12, replace your existing reports.mdb file (in the C:/Apace/Reports folder) with this one.


APACE Working Papers (V7.1.17)


Version 7.1.17 corrects a runtime error when accessing the full recommendation screen whilst creating a recommendation


APACE Administrator Utilities (V7.1.16)


Version 7.1.16 amends the report to access the Access Database when generating reports


Next Update


There are no current plans for an update from release 7.1.17


Details of previous version 7 fixes:


APACE Working Papers (V7.1.16): Version 7.1.16 corrects an error when selecting a date field when entering Working Papers

APACEWP Version 7.1.15: Amends the file structure of customised record reports

APACE Administrator Utility Version 7.1.12: Change of copyright to Wishtrac House Limited




If you are planning to upgrade to version 7, please be aware that we

have identified a small problem relating to large Recommendations or

Management Responses (over 500 characters) in the upgrade

procedure from version 6 to version 7. In some cases the original

upgrade routine can result in a Run Time error 62 when executing

Recommendation reports. The following upgrade procedure should be

downloaded by all clients who have not yet converted to release 7, so

it can be used in place of the previously supplied routine on their

upgrade CD issued in September 2008. For those who are able to, the

downloaded UPDT711 routine should be written onto the CD (in the

Update to 7.1.1 folder), replacing the previous routine and, when you

are ready for the upgrade, it can be run from the CD. For those who

cannot write the routine to the CD, then the Update to 7.1.1 folder

should be copied in its entirety to the LAN and the downloaded

replacement UPDT711 then copied into that LAN folder overwriting

the earlier version - at upgrade time the routine should then be run

from the LAN folder NOT the CD. Alternatively clients can contact us

and we will send a replacement CD containing the APACE software and

the corrected update procedure.


Update to 7.1.1 (V7.1.5)




Version 6

Latest Upgrade to the previous release(V6.1.11)

A significant enhancement was made to the software developed

under Crystal Report Writer V9 incorporated within Version 6.1.1.

Please note that all future extracts of data from APACE will now be

directed to the C:\APACE\REPORTS\REPORTS2000.MDB database



Links to the latest version of the three programs for Version 6 can be

found below. These programs should be copied into the C:\APACE

directory overwriting the previous version. At the same time, to cater

for report creation utilising Access 2 and data extraction utilising

Access 2000, you should delete the file

C:\APACE\REPORTS\REPORTS.MDB from your PCs and install the

databases Reports.MDB and Reports2000.MDB found below into the



Please note that this procedure should only be performed if you have

already converted to Version 6.1.1!


APACE (V6.1.11)




This minor change from V6.1.11 is entirely for ISF security purposes

and has no application changes.








Rebuilding Library Folder


If you have mislaid your Library disk/folder, you can use the link opposite

to copy down the Library application. You should establish a Folder on

your LAN to hold it and also copy the files C:\APACE\APACSTRT.TXT and C:\APACE\REPORTS\APACSTAT.DAT from an existing APACE PC into the folder.